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Directions for Download Products

Please read these directions before purchasing a download, or if you run into difficulties downloading or using your download. If this web page doesn't answer your questions or resolve your problem, then you should contact the Innersong Webmaster by email or on-line contact form. We will do our best to help you out!

  • Browse our web site and fill your shopping cart with one or more downloadable products by clicking on the appropriate links. You may also mix other Innersong products in your cart.

  • Checkout and complete your purchase.

  • After your credit card has been successfully processed if your shopping cart contained one or more downloadable products you will return to a web page which serves as a Download Token. This page contains links that you can click to download your purchase. If you should happen to lose this page, don’t worry. You will shortly receive a copy by email from the Innersong server which will be equally functional.

  • If you purchased more than one downloadable product, repeat the following steps for each downloadable product. (It is suggested that you download one album at a time if you are downloading multiple albums.)

  • Depending on your type of computer equipment, network connection and software, choose one of the audio formats available. (Albums are available in MP3 format as well as three different CD quality formats: Apple Lossless, Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) and Windows Media Lossless.) Click on the appropriate download link. Feel free to download an MP3 format and one CD quality format appropriate to your computer system. Ordinarily it is not necessary to download the same album in multiple CD qualityformats, as there is conversion software that will convert accurately and quickly between Apple Lossless, FLAC and Windows Media Lossless as well as many other file formats. We use DBpoweramp when creating these different versions and recommend it in case you have downloaded in one format and need another.

  • Depending on your computer software your download may start immediately or you may be prompted to open or save a file. (You may do either.) Once downloading starts, your computer should show a window that measures the progress of the download. The time to complete the download will depend on your Internet speed and the format you chose. (With the DSL Internet service available in Warren, Vermont, it usually takes about two minutes to download an album in MP3 format and ten minutes to download an album in one of the CD quality formats. The MP3 format albums are compressed at 192 kbps. )

  • When your download has completed, your computer will have a single .zip file containing your music and the album art. Open this file with operating system or other software (1) (2) that supports .zip files, and extract and save the resulting files.

  • You will now have a single folder containing your music. You can play this with a suitable media player, load it into a portable device or burn a CD. There is no copy protection on any of these files, but we ask you to follow our Download Policy.

  • We have tested our download content with WinAmp, iTunes, Windows Media Player, and Real Player. Album art is in PDF format. We recommend the use of WinAmp and iTunes, as these do a good job of playing albums with continuous music split across multiple tracks.

  • If you happen to experience network difficulties or can’t wait for your download to finish, don’t worry. Your download token will remain valid for approximately five days and you can repeat the download during this period as necessary.

  • These directions were written assuming that you use a general purpose computer, such as a Mac, Windows PC or Linux system for downloading. If you have a portable device such as an iPhone, iPod, or iPad it is suggested that you download to a general purpose computer, load your music into iTunes on this computer and then sync the computer to your portable device. However, although it is not recommended it is possible to purchase and download directly to a portable device. One way of doing this is to (1) install Dropbox on the portable device, (2) install iZipPro on the portable device, (3) make your Innersong purchase and download to your portable device, (4) when the download completes put the result into the iZipPro folder of your Dropbox, and (5) use iZip to play the music. If you subsequently desire to move your downloads to a different computer you can do this using the Dropbox file sync capabilities.

If you have repeated difficulty completing downloads you may want to try using a download manager. Unlike web browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer, a download manager will allow you to resume a partially completed download without starting over. We have tested this capability using the Free download manager and recommend its use with Windows computer systems.

"Difficulties can never be greater than your capacity to solve them."
P. R. Sarkar

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