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Albums by Anjali
Mystical Garden Mystical Garden
by Ganga, Anjali Angela Silva and Jeanne Muller

A kiirtan cassette favorite now available as CD, featuring the vocals of Ganga and Anjali.

Sweet Joy Sweet Joy
by Ainjali

“Anjali is a singer-songwriter with her roots in Brazilian music and West Coast Jazz. In Sweet Joy she combines these two influences with a strong spiritual consciousness and a subtle poetic sensibility worthy of the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic richness that underscores these superbly crafted songs.” ~ Devashish   
The Fairy's Flowers

The Fairy's Flowers
Narration & Songs by Anjali, story by Mukti Hava Bauman, adapted by Didi Anandarama.

A fanciful compilation of story and songs for young children, based on 10 universal cardinal values.

Women We Are Women We Are
By Anjali, Didi Ananda Ragamaya, Jacquelyn Battise, and Kamala

This album of songs for the awaking of women is an inspiring compilation of uplifting, universally spiritual and social songs.

All My Energy All My Energy
Kiirtans by Dada Moks'eshvarananda, Anjali & Friends

It took many years of trials and tribulations to produce this beautiful CD, but the results were well worth it.
Hecho en Mexico con Amor Hecho en Mexico con Amor
by The Kundalinii Expressers

The Kundalinii Express is a tour of spiritual people and artists from around the world. This album was recorded on the 2006 tour and includes songs and performances by Anjali, Ana'di, Didi Ananda Ragamaya and Jyosna.
Momentos de Vida Momentos de Vida
by Rajatakrsna and Anjali

A tapestry of songs written by Argentinean artist, Rajatakrsna during his experience with the indigenous people of Mexico and Central America. Exquisite poetry and alluring arrangements, with a distinct South American soul - Anjali soars with Raja in unison vocals; and weaves enchanting harmonies.

About Anjali

"Mantra music and devotional songs have a most healing effect on the hearts and minds of humanity. It is my goal to convey that feeling of Supreme Love to all through music."

Anjali, a.k.a. Angela Silva, has been recognized for her warmly sensual voice, and engaging performances. Her musical expression is a unique blend of Brazilian, East Indian, Latin American, and American jazz styles. Throughout her career, she has performed both nationally and internationally, working as a producer and singer on recording projects, television, and radio. She is featured regularly on Pacifica Radio (KPFT ~ 90.1), and performs locally and nationally, for non-profit events.  You can find her current performance schedule by writing to 

A graceful but energetic vocal stylist who at times reminds me of Patti Andress (Tuck & Patti), Anjali infuses her compositions with a conviction and an understated passion that help to elevate the listener towards the spiritual states of consciousness that she cites in the liner notes as the source of these songs. This, I believe, is the hallmark of truly spiritual music, whatever tradition it may belong to. ~ Devashish Acosta, New Renaissance Review

Interview with Anjali


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