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Albums by Jyosna
Avarta Kiirtan Avarta Kiirtan
by Sunrise Eireanne and Jyosna Latrobe

Jyosna Latrobe is the music producer on this album of kiirtans full of love and loss.
Rarhi Kiirtan Dream Rarhi Kiirtan Dream
by Jyoshna.

This album has five kiirtans, three tradional Rarhi ragas and two composed by Jyoshna. The album includes field recordings made in Dabar village, India.
Earth's Heart Calling Earth's Heart Calling
by Vistara Primary School

Jyoshna Latrobe is the musical director and is joined by many excellent musicians and students in a delightful album of children's songs, devotional music and kiirtan.

Dharma Cakra

Dharma Cakra
by Jyoshna and the Modhu Rasa

Recorded in New Zealand, this album is Jyoshna's largest work to date, with beautiful tunes, arrangements and singing..

Tour of Brazil

Tour of Brazil
by Jyoshna and Friends

In January and February 2010, Jyoshna La Trobe toured Brazil for the first time and recorded the seven kiirtans in this album.

Waiting the album

Waiting the album
by Turiiya

In the 80's and 90's Jyosna played in a New Zealand band, Turiiya, with Daryl Linwood and Kim Wesney. Their 1985 LP release has been remastered and is now available for download.

Unity Hours Unity Hours I
by Jyosna

Unity Hours I is Jyosna's latest offering of devotional songs, and it's one of her best albums.

Unity Hours II Unity Hours II
by Jyosna

Unity Hours II is a double album, with 10 devotional songs and 9 kiirtans using the same melodies

Red Earth Fusion Red Earth Fusion
Kirtans from the Rarh Tradition

This album of traditional and contemporary Rarhi inspired kiirtans was performed 'live' at Sudhira's Studio Gallery at Ananda Kanaan, Summer 2006.
RAWA 1 Rawa 1 "Through the Eyes of Love"

A compilation of Prabhat Samgiit, devotional songs and instrumentals by the London RAWA band and UK artists, including Jyosna, Diviyendu, Brajesh, Indranath, Shzr Ee Tan, Mayatiita and others.
Kundalinii Xpress 3 Kundalinii Xpress 3
by the Kundalinii Xpress Band
The Kundalinii Express is a tour of spiritual people and artists from around the world. All songs were recorded at live performances in the summer of 2007. Artists include Jyosna, Giita Tandero, Jagatabandhu and many others.
Rarhi Bangla Kiirtan -- Live! Rarhi Bangla Kiirtan -- Live!
by Purulia Mahato Team and Jyosna

Jyosna with the assistance of Sanjay Mahator has been studying the kiirtan styles in the ancient Rarh area near Ananda Nagar. She taught the local Mahato Kiirtan Team to use the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra with their ancient ragas.
Hecho en Mexico con Amor Hecho en Mexico con Amor
by The Kundalinii Expressers

The Kundalinii Express is a tour of spiritual people and artists from around the world. This album was recorded on the 2006 tour and includes songs and performances by Anjali, Ana'di, Didi Ananda Ragamaya and Jyosna.
Reddish Blossom Reddish Blossom
Songs inspired by Prabahata Samgiita

The songs of Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar, are one of our modern day treasures, from which we can delve at any time,  to find solace, inspiration, and a positive new direction in life.
Era Dynamic Era Dynamic

Kiirtans with a great sense of rhythm bringing together the historical music tradition of Rarh and Jyosna's exceptional musical skills.
From Deep Down From Deep Down
by Jyosna

This 1989 album was produced by members of the New Zealand branch of RAWA.
From Deep Down 2 From Deep Down 2

The long-awaited re-release of this much-loved kiirtan album.. Beautiful Indian instrumentation with Jyosna’s soaring vocals.
Magnificence Magnificence

A follow-up to Dancing Divinity, this collection of songs evokes the deep relationship of Lover and Beloved with a definite techno beat.
Dancing Divinity Dancing Divinity

This high-energy CD has a disco beat and some wonderful devotional songs.


In Longing she explores several  nuances of feelings --gentle, strong and enduring but always deeply devotional.

Land of Enchantment
Land of Enchantment
by Innerkids

Harpist Tina Tourin, guitarist Nils E. Vinjor, flautist John Dalton and vocalist Jyosna La Trobe play lullabies based on a story by Tanja Popov. The album includes a booklet with a short story created for children to stimulate their imagination.
Sound of Silence Sound of Silence
by Jyosna

This album endeavors to place kiirtan tunes and natural sounds in a sequence which represent the inner sounds heard in ever deepening states of being. This album had been out of print for a few years and we are pleased to be able to release it in downloadable format.
Live at the Dome

This CD is a re-release of a cassette album, recorded in Warren, Vermont in 1993 and made with Vermont musicians who joined her to produce this album.

Touched by the Sea

Touched by the Sea
By Jyosna

A beautiful compilation of devotional songs, each ending in kiirtan. Recorded in Vermont with the Vermont Kiirtan choir. This was our first CD and is still one of the all-time favorites. This album had been out of print for a few years and we are pleased to be able to release it in downloadable format.

Beloved Beloved
by Jyosna

Jyosna is joined by many excellent musicians on this album recorded at Ananda Kanaan in 1992 and dedicated to her Beloved.

Reign of Love Reign of Love
by Jyosna

When Reign of Love was released in New Zealand in 1991 the album was quite a success, getting to number 5 in the charts. This download release has been digitally remastered by Innersong.
Crimson Dawn

Crimson Dawn
by Jyosná Latrobe & Töve Tápásii

Jyosná joins Töve for this delightful album of ten devotional songs and two kiirtans, recorded in 1989 and previously issued on cassette.

Occen Occen
by Jyosna

Jyosna recorded these 11 Bhajans and one kiirtan upon returning from her first visit to India in 1980.


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About Jyosna

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With songs ranging from ambient folk-pop to “kiirtan” mantra music to hypnotic dancefloor, English born New Zealander, Jyosna LaTrobe is a singer/songwriter of many colours. Her lyrics are the finest of musical poems, rich with devotion and delicacy. Her distinctive, often thrilling vocals possess a transcendent quality.

Jyosna is an accomplished singer, songwriter and kiirtan leader with nearly 20 albums of her own songs and kiirtans. She is completing her PhD in ethnomusicology at the University of London.

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