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Albums by RajatakrsnA (Rainjan)
Brisa de Existencia Brisa de Existencia
Divine Chants 1

Divine Chants 1

This album of Kiirtan tunes with lush harmonies was produced by Rainjan at RAWA, Denver in 2006.
Divine Chants 2

Divine Chants 2

Rainjan is joined by Sara Giita, Didi Ananda Jiivaprema, Dada Dharmapremananda and Maetreya on this album recorded at the Spiritual Arts Studio, RAWA, Denver.
Kiirtan en Brasil

Kiirtan en Brasil, vol. 6
by Rainjan.

These live Kiirtan recordings were made at Invierno Bienaventurado (Winter Bliss) 2014.

Momentos de Vida

Momentos de Vida

A tapestry of songs written by Argentinean artist, Rajatakrsna, during his experience with the indigenous people of Mexico and Central America. Exquisite poetry and alluring arrangements, with a distinct South American soul.
Por Siemre Kiirtans Por Siempre Kiirtans

Newly remastered as a download, this first Kiirtan album in the series was issued on cassette tape in 1995.

Por Siempre Kiirtans Volume II

Por Siempre Kiirtans Volume II

A great kiirtan album with Latin-flavored tunes and Ainjali's stunning harmonies.

Por Siemre Kiirtans Volume 3 Por Siempre Kiirtans Volume 3

Another great Kiirtan album in the series. Backing vocals by Sara Giita, Sol Borsini from Buenos Aires and Maetreya from Brasil.

Sólo Kiirtan Sólo Kiirtan
By Rainjan

Raijain's latest album features six kiirtan tunes recorded in Denver and in Buenos Aires.

Under the Northern Lights

Under the Northern Lights

Rich vocal harmonies make this an incredible kiirtan album. Melodies by Rajatakrsna, with the vocals of Lousanne Allen, Kim Summers, and Didi Ananda Jiiva Prema.

Winter Bliss

Winter Bliss
recorded and mixed by Rajatakrsna (Rainjan)

This recording of live kiirtans was made at Ananda Kanan and originally issued by Innersong on cassette tape.


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