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Albums by Sukhadeva
Deep in my heart Deep in my Heart
Children's songs by Norway AM School produced by Sukhadeva

One of our favorite children’s albums, this is a beautiful collection of Neo-Humanist songs with two kiirtans, sung by the children and teachers at the Ananda Marga school in Norway.
Eternal Waves Eternal Waves
Kiirtans by Sukhadeva

Beautifully crafted, this long-awaited kiirtan CD from master kiirtan player Sukadeva (Flow of Love, Grace) has haunting melodies with rich arrangements.
Flight of Love Flight of Love
by Sukha Deva & Dada Nabhaniilananda

This recording is the first full collaboration of the two artists, who have been friends for many years.

Flow of Love Flow of Love
By Sukhadeva

Overlaid with beautiful vocals in a series of mantra chants, this album is ideal for creating an atmosphere for meditation.

Silent Traveler

Silent Traveler
By Sukhadeva

Instrumental music for relaxation, meditation, massage, and quiet listening by Norwegian composer and guitarist Sukhadeva.

The Best of Sukha Deva The Best of Sukha Deva
by Sukha Deva

For this album Sukha Deva selected, remixed and remastered his favorite tunes from his three earlier albums of spiritual chanting.

Set Me Free Set Me Free
by Didi Ananda Gunamrta

Dida Ananda Gunamrta is joined by Sukadeva in this collection of devotional songs.

About Sukhadeva

Sukhadeva is one of those unusual people who is highly talented and creative, whilst remaining humble and pleasant. His personality shines through his music. This album shimmers with wonder and joy. The blissful and dreamy melodic chanting has the power to put you into a serene state of mind in moments. The instrument is full but exclusive. You can hear that every note is created by a living hand – there is no resorting to synthesizers or samplers to create an artificial ambience – this is the real thing – a near direct link with the subtle inner mind through music.


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