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The InnerSong Story

InnerSong™ was established in California in 1989 with the idea of creating a convenient source of kiirtan music. Starting out with a few kiirtan cassettes, InnerSong got off the ground by the efforts of Kamala, with the support of a number of others. In 1995 Kamala moved to Australia and InnerSong moved to Vermont, where Giridhara and Ac. Cirasmita’ took over the day to day operations. Our first Kiirtan CD was Touched by the Sea, by Jyosna,  now an all-time classic. That was in 1995- and it seems the quantity and quality just keeps getting higher. We have gone from a few titles to over 100, and are now able to offer a truly global selection.

Over the years we have seen the evolution of kiirtan recordings go from small, handheld cassette recorders, to 8 track to 24 track to DAT to fully computerized, state of the art recording studios. The Internet has given us a greater opportunity to work with artists and kiirtan lovers all over the world and we are ever closer to our goal of making kiirtan available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Return Policy

Your satisfaction is very important to us. Return the goods within 30 days and we will refund your amount with no questions asked. We will replace any materials that for any reason arrived in less than satisfactory condition.


Download Policy

Music and artwork supplied by InnerSong in its downloadable products are copyrighted. The Artists rely upon the income from sales of their CDs and downloads to enable them to produce their next album. Please don't resell or make copies for others. You may burn your own CD or make copies for your music player, computer, etc.

InnerSong is a cooperative project to support Kiirtan musicians in making their music available to the world.



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