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 Links The Path of Bliss was founded in India in 1955 by the yoga master Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. Its mission is to create a world where every person will get a chance to realize his or her full potential and reach spiritual perfection. A listing of current webinars and videos Disaster relief and sustainable development around the world. Universal Relief Team Ladies. European Yoga Federation Learn more about kiirtan here. Meet some of the webmasters behind the InnerSong internet presence. Imagine...Holiday shopping in Egypt, Nepal, Turkey, Bali, Thailand, India, Mexico, Africa, Peru & Brazil without leaving Vermont! Prabháta Sam'giita - Songs of the New Dawn Renaissance Artists & Writers Association is art for service and blessedness and affiliates artists who are featured on these pages. Renaissance Universal offers a redesign of the major institutions of society and fosters individual growth. Who-Ga! Eight-limbed Yoga for Horse-Rider Harmony World Movement for Yoga & Ayurveda


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