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Earth's Heart Calling

Earth's Heart Calling

more children's music

by Vistara Primary School

This CD was produced by the Vistara Primary School, with songs written by children and staff. It was a whole school community project and was in the making for years. Music direction was provided by Jyoshna Latrobe who was joined by many excellent musicians, including school parents and students. The download comes with a PDF file of a 26 page booklet.

"The children’s songs are beautiful. Makes me so proud to have my child at Vistara”. Kerrie (School Parent)

“I've listened to the CD a lot this last week. It's so beautiful. Everything about it is touching, joyful and authentic. Thank you to all who made it possible and particularly those who made it happen behind the scenes - the work that went into the making of this CD was truly service.” – C. Minkov (Lismore)

For those who would prefer the CD, please note that a batch of CDs are in the process of being ordered. Pricing and availabilty to be announced shortly.




US$ 10.00

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Track List

1.   Jingi Wallah
2.   Unicorn
3.   Side By Side
4.   Save the Whales
5.   Tiny Green Island
6.   Love is Above Me
7.   Do All the Good You Can
8.   My Eyes Are Open
9.   Earth's Heart Calling
10.   Calypso Kiirtan
11.   Loved Ones Kiirtan
12.   Rockin Kiirtan
13.   Relaxation

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