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The Fairy's Flowers

The Fairy's Flowers

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Narration & Songs by Anjali, story by Mukti Hava Bauman, adapted by Didi Anandarama.

A fanciful compilation of story and songs for young children, based on 10 universal cardinal values: non-harming;benevolent truth; non-stealing, universal love; simple living; purity of mind and body; contentment; service; spirtual knowledge; and contemplation. A favority in the Neohumanist Education Schools around the world.

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Children’s Literature

There is yet another form of literature gradually gaining importance: children’s literature (shishu sa´hitya). Here the sense of responsibility and proficiency of the authors is more important than in any other branch of literature. In every sentence of juvenile literature there should be a wonderful attractive power – a crystalline simplicity and an open-heartedness without any hesitation. The author of juvenile literature has to explain through language and thought how life should be lived with purity and straight forwardness.

P.R. Sarkar

The Practice of Art and Literature

2014 InnerSong