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Land of Enchantment

Land of Enchantment

more children's music

By Innerkids

Harpist Tina Tourin, guitarist Nils E. Vinjor, flautist John Dalton and vocalist Jyosna La Trobe play lullabies based on a story by Tanja Popov.
The album includes a booklet with a short story created for children to stimulate their imagination. Although all the tunes in this album together make one story, each can be used separately as a story in itself, from which children at home or in kindergarten can be guided toward various activities, such as painting, puppet theatre, dancing, story telling or fantasy plays.


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Land of Enchantment

Many years of experience in working with children helped me understand the importance of music and sound in a child's development.

Science has demonstrated that the sound of acoustic instruments has a balancing effect on body and mind not only in human beings but also in plants and animals. A melodious human voice has tremendous importance in a child's emotional developmemt, providing the feeling of security and increasing bonding with small babies. Being engaged in repetitive, rhythmic incantations creates a feeling of inner peace as well as a peaceful environment suitable for gentle activities like baby massage, or putting a baby to sleep.

This collection of lullabies is especially created to bring all these factors into one harmonious experience. It's effect can be increased if you sing along with the magic chant "Baba Nam Kevalam", and even more, if you imagine that endless love is around you and a child and floats freely between you.

Tanja Popov

2014 InnerSong