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Children's Songs

Kiirtan and spiritual songs for children in the spirit of Neo Humanist Education are featured in this section of the InnerSong site.


Deep in my heart Deep in My Heart
by Norway AM School

One of our favorite children’s albums, this is a beautiful collection of Neo-Humanist songs with two kiirtans, sung by the children and teachers at the Ananda Marga school in Norway. Kids love this CD and can sing along.
Do What You Can Do What You Can
by Dada Veda

This delightful album is a collection of songs for children in Dada Veda's folk and country style.

Earth's Heart Calling Earth's Heart Calling
by Vistara Primary School

Jyoshna Latrobe is the musical director and is joined by many excellent musicians and students in a delightful album of children's songs, devotional music and kiirtan.

The Fairy's Flowers
The Fairy's Flowers
Narration & Songs by Anjali, story by Mukti Hava Bauman, adapted by Didi Anandarama.

A fanciful compilation of story and songs for young children, based on 10 universal cardinal values.

Home of Joy
Home of Joy
by Baan Unrak Children and Staff

The children and staff of the Baan Unrak Children's Village sing neo-humanist songs.
Joyful Things
Joyful Things
by Kamala

This is a beautiful collection of songs ranges from cheerful sing-alongs to inspirational quiet-time melodies. The Neo-Humanistic theme of this album shows the Oneness behind all things and the unity of all people.
Land of Enchantment
Land of Enchantment
by Innerkids

Harpist Tina Tourin, guitarist Nils E. Vinjor, flautist John Dalton and vocalist Jyosna La Trobe play lullabies based on a story by Tanja Popov. The album includes a booklet with a short story created for children to stimulate their imagination.


"What is Neo-Humanism? Neo-Humanism is newly explained Humanism. "Humanism" and "Humanity" have been very popular words for the last century, and only human beings have come within the scope of humanism and humanity. But this explanation is not sufficient - it cannot quench the thirst of the developing human society. Why should the love and affection of developed human minds be restricted to human beings only? Why should it not include all living beings, including plant life? This is the new explanation of humanism - Neo-Humanism - for within Neo-Humanism the entire animate world is included."

P.R. Sarkar,
Liberation of Intellect: Neo-Humanism,

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