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Joyful Things

Joyful Things

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By Kamala and the children of the River School, Australia

Joyful Things is a beautiful collection of songs ranges from cheerful sing-alongs to inspirational quiet-time melodies. The Neo-Humanistic theme of this album shows the Oneness behind all things and the unity of all people. Contains 16 tracks


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About the School

Over 100 children, from 3 to 12 years old attend this Neo-Humanist primary school, located in a beautiful rainforest community in a small town  north-east of Brisbane.

This CD is a tapestry of talents of the whole school community, including the voices of over 70 of the children, the musical gifts of many parents and teachers, and the support of the staff and administration. We have also benefited from the incredible wealth of professional musical talent in the local community. all profits from the school sales of this album will be used to extend the school's music program.

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