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Hecho en Mexico con Amor - Kundalinii Express

Hecho en Mexico con Amor

more devotional music

by the Kundalinii Expressers

The Kundalinii Express is a tour of spiritual people and artists from around the world that travels through the Americas in the summer. Affiliated with Ananda Marga, this bus tour spreads the ideal of universalism and spiritual lifestyle through a dynamic combination of art performances, social service and Kiirtan.

All songs were recorded along the route of the Kundalinii Express, May 24 - June 26, 2006. Artists include Anjali Natarajan, Ana'di Heisler, Didi Ananda Ragamaya, Sara Giita, Jyosna La Troube and Yuktatman.

In addition to the CD audio tracks, this album contains a slide show from the bus tour which is available when playing the album on a computer.


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Track List

1.   Kundalinii Express
2.   Ba'ba' Ebar
3.   Rarh Kiirtan part two
4.   Cuernavaca Flow
5.   One in Harmony
6.   India Kiirtan
7.   Carino
8.   Love
9.   La Pequena Isla Verde
10.   Tumi Kothay
11.   The Path
12.   Gamalon Kiirtan
13.   Vamos de la Mano

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