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Live in Concert - Kundalinii Express

Live in Concert

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Kundalinii Express Concert

by the Kundalinii Expressers

The Kundalinii Express is a tour of spiritual people and artists from around the world that travels through North America in the summer. Affiliated with Ananda Marga, this bus tour spreads the ideal of universalism and spiritual lifestyle through a dynamic combination of art performances, social service and Kiirtan.

Fourteen concerts were performed on the 2005 tour, with inspriring performances by musicians Vasudeva and Giita, Ana'di, Dada Nabhaniilananda, Dada Sarvabodhananda, Didi Prema and many others. This live album captures the devotion of those nights and allows the listener to experience a blissful state of transcendence.

This album is an enhanced CD. In addition to audio, which will play in a CD player or computer, it contains a slideshow (sample image) and a short film about the tour. These features are available when the disk is played on a computer.


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Track List

1.   Life
2.   Vasudeva's Kiirtan
3.   Hope for the Future
4.   May the Love we're Sharing
5.   Jai Ma
6.   Is this Love?
7.   One Hundred Persentient
8.   Santa Cruz Groove
9.   Sound Check Kiirtan
10.   Eg Ser
11.   Venice Beach Kiirtan
12.   Alquimein
13.   What are Bhajans?
14.   Higher than the Mountain
15.   A Change is Coming
16.   Guru Brahma
17.   Rainbow Bridge

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