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Kiirtan Konnected, Volume 2

Kiirtan Konnected, Volume 2

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by Didi Ananda Krsna Caetanya and Friends

This album is the second in a series and was previously released on cassette tape in 1994. It contains a dellightful mixture of devotional songs and kiirtans.

Price: US$ 10.00

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In Adoration of the Supreme

"Those who advance along the path of knowledge while maintaining devotional spirit eventually attain Brahma in the form of an embodiment of knowledge and merge into the Ocean of Consciousness. But those who acquire knowledge for knowledge’s sake, ignoring their worldly duties, will meet an unhappy end. Devotees, however, discovering the playful expressions of their Lord in everything, remain deeply absorbed in the flow of bliss. They do not neglect anything or any entity, but prefer to endlessly enjoy the ocean of sweet bliss while sincerely carrying out their mundane duties. Here lies the charm of the cult of devotion. And, if supplemented by knowledge this devotion becomes even more charming. In this case the devotees, at the end of their enjoyment of divine bliss, become ensconced in the eternal Macrocosmic Stance, and lose their individual identities in the Supreme One. To be established in that exalted state both knowledge and devotion are necessary. To complement them action is an invaluable aid for mental perfection. (citta shuddhi)."

Shrii Shrii A'nandamu'rti
Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life in a Nutshell Part 7 [a compilation].

2014 InnerSong