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Love is the Best

Love is the Best

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by Dada Veda

Dada Veda is a yogic monk who blends the wisdom of yoga with the rhythms of folk, country and rock music. During the past few years Dada has been performing these songs at yoga retreats, house concerts, festivals and music venues around the world. This is Dada's second CD and his acoustic sound has been enhanced by the able arranging producing and accompaniment of Ryan Sam.

The profits from this CD help support the Albanian Sunrise School which Dada founded in October, 2000.


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US$ 10.00

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Track List

1.   We Are Never Alone or Helpless
2.   From Zero to Hero
3.   Liberate Your Mind
4.   I Know You Can't be Far
5.   I'm Waiting for That Time
6.   A Better Deal
7.   My Heart Will Go on Loving You
8.   Open My Heart
9.   Love is the Best
10.   Good Old Kiirtan
11.   Kiirtan Remix

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