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Reign of Love

Reign of Love

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by Jyosna

Jyosna writes, "Some of my spiritual journey and Ananda Marga story is in the album Reign of Love, recorded in 1990, the year Baba Left his body. Many songs on this recording are reflections on the experience of being there in Tiljila when we were cremating His body, the spiritual inspiration, emotional grief, regrets of not spending more time physically with Him, and ultimately realising the Reign of Love that He has brought to us each individually and the planet. My mother died the same year and so there are also songs of a deeply personal nature. Reign of Love did really well in the NZ charts getting to number 5. The album got good reviews."

"A collection of 14 songs, each displays a poetic and musical sensitivity of world class standard"

Steve, Cochrane, NZ Musician.

"A work of many colours, she has the assets of a folk singer (clarity of pure tone) . Then she has carefully added rich, suble and diverse instrumentation"

Graham Reid, NZ Herald.

This download release has been digitally remastered by Innersong.


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Track List

1.   Reign of Love
2.   Starchild
3.   Third World
4.   Offering
5.   Only You
6.   Snow Leopard
7.   You Are Mine
8.   Original
9.   Reign of Love II
10.   Island Lover
11.   Lighthouse on the Cliff
12.   Wanderer
13.   Don't Rock the Boat
14.   Reign of Love III

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