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Sounds of the Universe

Sounds of the Universe

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more devotional music

by Purusha

Purusha sings devotional mantras that connect you to the infinite. Music for peace, healing and ascension.

'Purusha' in Sanskrit means Supreme Consciousness. It is with this awareness that Gitanjali and Maetreya Hart creat a loving space for audiences and listners.


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Track List

1.   Ong Gaia
2.   The Call
3.   Gayatri Mantra
4.   Om Tara
5.   Quiet Place
6.   Sa Ta Na Ma
7.   Maetreya's Aum
8.   Eight Aspects of God
9.   Baba Nam Kevalam
10.   The River is Flowing
11.   Baba Nam Kevalam

2014 InnerSong