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The Sweetest Word

The Sweetest Word

more devotional music

by H.P.M.G.L. Croatia

These Bhajans and Kiirtans were recorded in Zagreb in 1995 and previously released on cassette. Musical arrangements are by Ramana and melodies from various authors. Singers are Ramana, Didi Ananda. Paramita, Lakshmii and Niliima. Bodhisattva plays oboe.


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Track List

1.   The Sweetest Word
2.   Baba Let Me See You Everywhere
3.   Voljet Cu Te Tiho
4.   I Leave My Life Before You
5.   Tears Come Into My Eyes
6.   Dhyana Mulam
7.   Baba Nam Kevalam
8.   Baba Nam Kevalam
9.   Baba Nam Kevalam
10   Baba Nam Kevalam
11   Baba Nam Kevalam

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