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Tomare Ceyechi Vare Vare - I Longed For You Again and Again
Tomare Ceyechi Vare Vare

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Prabhat Samgiita information, including lyrics and translations

by Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

This album contains eighteen of Baba's Prabháta Sam'giita songs, performed by RAWA India and recorded in CD quality. The album is Volume 5 of a new series of Prabháta Sam'giita albums.

Please note: Serveral of the performances on this album also appear on Songs of the New Dawn Instructional CD ROM.



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Song List

1   3881 Ceona Ceona
2   3613 Tar Namer Madhu
3   3207 Tomay Ami Nahi Jani
4   3614 Tomar E Gan
5   4677 Golaker Hari
6   3481 Manane Eso Priya
7   2461 Kono Mana Manena
8   4686 Tomare Gheriya Prabhu
9   4174 Tumi Sabar Priy
10   3769 Prabhu Tomay Amay
11   1774 Acho Ashrudharay Mishe
12   4726 Ami Tomarei Pete Ceyechi
13   3654 Tumi Ki Cao Ami Janina
14   341 Dayal Prabhu Balogo
15   2746 Jege Achi Tabo Path
16   3469 Tomar Rather Caka Prabhu
17   2929 Tomare Ceyechi Vare Vare
18   4635 Kajal Kalo Meghe Dekhe

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