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Unity Hours I

Unity Hours

video of Unity Ours

Words, Music and Guitar Chords for Unity Hours

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by Jyosna

Unity Hours I is Jyosna's latest offering of devotional songs, and it's one of her best albums. Her inimitable voice is backed by her London group. The title song, unity hours, starts off quietly as a private contemplation of the Divine and then, as the "I" expands into "We", the song echoes an ancient vedic chant of unity, before ending with a rousing finale of universal mantra chanting.



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Track List

1.   love you till the day I die
2.   tell me
3.   ray of divine light
4.   unity hours
5.   my love divine
6.   grandpys kiirtan
7.   sometimes
8.   oh my beloved
9.   come beloved
10.   thankyou

2014 InnerSong