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Unity Hours II

Unity Hours II

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by Jyosna

Unity Hours II is a double album, considing of one CD with 10 devotional songs and a second CD with 9 kiirtans using the same melodies. The album has new kirtans with poignant melodies, a classical choral sound fused with Indian influences and soaring vocals.



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Track List

1.   None more beautiful than him
2.   Sakal maner vina
3.   Mermaid
4.   The first time
5.   Everywhere I turn
6.   The letter
7.   Take my mind
8.   In the Night
9.   How can I say goodbye
10.   E gan thamibe na
11.   Beautiful Baba kirtan
12.   Sakal maner vina kirtan
13.   Mermaid kirtan
14.   The first time kirtan
15.   Everywhere I turn kirtan
16.   The letter kirtan
17.   In the Night kirtan
18.   Goodbye kirtan
19.   E gan thamibe na kirtan

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