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Vestido de Luna
Vestido de Luna

more devotional songs

by Rawa North America

Originally recorded in Chapel Hill, NC in 1990 by Didi Ananda Jiiva Prema, vocals and guitar, Dada Istadevananda, bass, guitar and cello, and Omkarnath, drums, congas and shakers, this album is a collection of nine devotional songs sung in Spanish plus two Kiirtan tracks. The album was previously released on cassette tape and has been digitally remastered for CD.

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Lord's Residence

"Then where does Na'ra'yan'a (The Lord) finally reside? According to Him, Madbhakta'h yatra ga'yante tatra tis't'ha'mi Na'rada: Where my devotees sing kiirtana, there I reside. This means that Parama Purus'a (Supreme Consciousness) as the nucleus of creation reaches the place where the devotees are singing kiirtana. Although Parama Purus'a is all-pervading, He shifts the nucleus to that particular place. This is the reason why devotees should sing bhajana (devotional songs) and kiirtana as much as possible, and the result will be that the nucleus of Purus'ottama will be shifted to the place of kiirtana, producing a very powerful devotional vibration that elevates all the human minds. This is the real cosmological order: where the devotees through their intensely devotional music attract the Nucleus of the cosmological order, as they are also moving around the Nucleus."

P.R. Sarkar,
Subha's'ita Sam'graha Part 11


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