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Christmas song
Christmas Song

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by Elisabeth von Trapp

From the cover:

"In Austria, celebration begins in earnest on Christmas Eve with the blessing of the family home. Following this tradition, we’d gather in our Vermont kitchen at dusk to light candles and incense, and proceed door-to-door throughout the house, As we sang and prayed in each room, a feeling of peace and harmony enveloped us all. Although music has permeated all aspects of my growing up, my fondest memories are of those wonderful times when our farmhouse was filled with friends and family and the walls resounded with Christmas Song."

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Saint Nicholas

On December 6th, Saint Nicholas would appear in full regalia. staff and the book of “knowledge” in hand. He had come to review with each of us our past year’s deeds. To remind us of any “bad” deeds, he was accompanied by a bad-tempered, black-clad devil, complete with long tail—a menacing apparition we only dared peek at! Before the incongruous twosome departed, though, we’d join to sing “Las uns froh und munter sein” an Austrian carol (“Let us be joyful and full of mirth.”)

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