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Live from the gates of heaven

From the Gates of Heaven

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by Jaya

In April, 1997, a circle of mantra chanters gathered at the Gates of Heaven synagogue in Madison, Wisconsin. The Gates of Heaven is the fourth oldest remaining synagogue in the United States. It is no longer used as such, but rather as the setting for ‘Jaya’s celebratory events, from weddings to spiritual workshops and concerts. The building has heavenly acoustics and is perfect for Jaya’s evenings of songs and chants. We hope this “live" album captures some of the magic and energy from that April evening.
This album was a bold experiment. There was no rehearsal with the audience and so this is not your perfect studio album. Like a piece of native art, there is a unique quality captured on this album, which transcends the studio experience and allows you to experience many blissful and bright moments. You, the listener, we hope. will find yourself joining in and singing along, joyously.

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Track list

1.   Introduction
2.   Om Mani Padme Hum
3.   Rama Sita
4.   Ave Maria Salve Regina
5.   On Tara Tutare Ture Soha
6.   Ancient Mother
(Om Para Shaktiyai Namaha)
7.   Kalima Durga Ma
8.   Om Namah Shivaya
9.   God Is Love
(Baba Nam Kevalam)

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