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I am just a little child
I Am Just a Little Child

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A great album with 15 old favorite bhajans (spiritual songs). This CD was recorded in Thailand.

You may download a PDF file of song lyrics and guitar chords.

Price: US$ 16.00

track list

1.   How can I tell you
2.   You are higher
3.   I am that I am
4.   I am just a little child
5.   May the love we're sharing
6.   My beloved
7.   Every flower blooms for you
8.   Won't be alone
9.   Greatest of all
10.   All my love
11.   To divine mother
12.   Everything is ready
13.   We feel the softness of your soul
14.   Baba beloved
15.   Let me have you only in my mind

2014 InnerSong