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By Jyosna with the Women's Kiirtan Chorus

In her signature style of devotional songs followed by Kiirtan, Jyosna excels in this album. In Longing she explores several  nuances of feelings --gentle, strong and enduring but always deeply devotional. Jyosna has a finely tuned inner ear and along with the Women's Kiirtan Chorus creates cascading, repetitive harmonies that sweep through your entire being.


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On Longing

"If the object of ideation, the object of meditation, has no boundary, what will happen? The unit mind will be converted into the Infinite Mind, that is, the microcosm will be transmuted into the Macrocosm. That is the utility value of meditation. The unit creates a longing for Parama Purus'a (Supreme Consciousness), [the entity who] will satisfy all hungers, will quench all thirsts. . ."

Shri Shrii A'nandamu'rti


2014 InnerSong