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Rain of Grace

Rain of Grace

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by Jaya

An album of sweet and uplifting devotional songs with rich instrumental backgrounds.



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US$ 10.00

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The lord's Grace Is All

 "Man must be ever-grateful to God. It is He who, out of His Grace, has equipped human beings with the requisites for sádhana. He constantly showers the rain of His Grace without reservation even on those persons who gradually degrade themselves toward crudeness. Even though you may condemn God and deny His existence, yet He won't be displeased with you. He will not thrust you on the path of destruction. His imposing countenance of forgiveness will remain ever unchanged. He will always go on directing you how to mend yourself. Who else is your genuine friend and compassionate companion but Him?"

Shrii Shrii A'nandamu'rti
from Bábá's Grace

2014 InnerSong