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Sonalii Bhor
Sonalii Bhor

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by Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

These songs are selected from the first 500 songs of Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar's Prabhata Samgiita series. P. R. Sarkar, affectionally known to his devotees as Baba, wrote 5018 songs in the latter part of his life, mostly in the Bengali language.

The songs cover a variety of devotional, spiritual, inspirational and humanitarian themes. The lyrics and melodies reflect his creative genius with appropriate eloquence.


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US$ 10.00

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Golden Dawn

Inner Spirit of title track
Sonalii Bhor

The golden dawn of my life is it returning again? The darkness of countless pains, countless agonies countless humiliations.

How many twilights, how many dawns, how many autumn and spring nights, how many hopes and aspirations have all passed by, floating away on tears.

 On the eastern horizon the crimson dawn smiles. The fragrance of flowers floats In the air. With the new delight of the year, the memories of pain all vanish.

2014 InnerSong