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Sweet Joy
Sweet Joy

more devotional songs

by Anjali

“Anjali is a singer-songwriter with her roots in Brazilian music and West Coast Jazz. In Sweet Joy she combines these two influences with a strong spiritual consciousness and a subtle poetic sensibility worthy of the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic richness that underscores these superbly crafted songs.” ~ Devashish 

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Love Is All There Is

Guru's Grace

Retiro Verano 1996

Prabhat Samgiita Kiirtan I


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Track list

1.   Love Is All There Is
2.   Take Some Time
3.   Guru's Grace
4.   Retiro Verano 1996
5.   Prabhat Samgiita Kiirtan I
6.   Prabhat Samgiita Kiirtan II
7.   Come To Me
8.   If You Wish
9.   Bring You Joy
10.   Prabhat Samgiita Kiirtan III
11.   Jamuna Kiirtan
12.   Guru Puja

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