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Media for learning songs, dances, relaxation and meditation.

Inner Garden

Inner Garden
with Didi Ananda Ragamaya

These simple guided relaxation and meditation techniques will take you to a place of inner calm and peace. Did's soothing voice and Yekengale's wonderful music allow a deep sense of healing to pervade your life.

Kaoshikii - Dance of the Divine

Kaoshikii - Dance of the Divine
by Jagatbandhu and Liilamaya

 A 21 minute yogic workout which strengthens both the body and mind.

The Kiirtan Encyclopedia Kiirtan Encyclopedia. The
by Avinash

The 208 Kiirtans of this encyclopedia were  produced to help kiirtan players increase their repertoires.
The Kiirtan Guitar Method Kiirtan Guitar Method, The
by Ac. Acalananda Avt.

This download contains a book and audio files. The book will bring a person from the level of beginner to being able to play any piece in the normal range of popular Western Kiirtan styles. The files have been provided to help you learn the different tunes.
My favourite Kiirtans My Favourite Kiirtans
by Dada Nabhaniilananda

This product consists of a book and CD. The book contains printed music for 34 kiirtan tunes complete with guitar chords. On the CD each tune is played 3 times with voice and guitar.

Songs of the New Dawn - Instructional CDrom

Songs of the New Dawn - Instructional CDrom
by Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

Enjoy learning these 32 Songs of the New Dawn and experience the depth of this mysticism with this CDrom computer disc which includes song lyrics with English and Spanish translations, word and phrase readings of the Bengali lyrics, musical performances by RAWA, and illustrated slide shows.

Yoga Nidra Yoga Nidra
by Dada Dharmavedananda

Guided by a beautiful compassionate voice, feel each nerve & muscle of your body relax. By the end of the music you will either be peacefully sleeping or deeply meditating.


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Krs'n'a and Prapattiva'da

"While trying to unite the scattered human groups into a well-knit social system, Lord Shiva marked that for the advancement of humanity, the essential prerequisite was spiritual progress, and this required the awakening of the spiritual urge. Lord Shiva awakened the spiritual urge in the people of His time. He taught them spiritual practice. He taught them the practice of Tantra, which is the practical aspect of spirituality, as you know. He also taught them spiritual dance, that is, táńd́ava. Párvatii gave society the lalita mármika dance. Shiva also taught Maharshi Dhanvantari the vaedyaka shástra. (Here one should remember the difference between the vaedyaka shástra and the áyurveda shástra, another school of medicine. The school of medicine that depends on the Vedas is called áyurveda, and the Tantra-based school of medicine is called the vaedyaka shástra. In Bengal the vaedyaka shástra is more popular than áyurveda.)

Lord Shiva also taught Maharshi Bharata the science of music – nrtya, giita and vádya [dance, song and percussion music].Thus He opened various channels for the expression of human intellect and wisdom."

P.R. Sarkar,
14 September 1980, Calcutta

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