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Beyond The Silver Lining

Beyond the Silver Lining

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By The Bhaktas.

This CD was recorded during the 2003 RAWA Conference in Oslo, Norway and contains seven delightful Kiirtan tunes. The Bhaktas include: Dada Devavratananda, Phaniindra, Sukhadeva, Didi Ananda Gunamrta, Giita, and Prema Sa'gar.

All profits from this album go to the AMURT Romania Children's Home campaign.

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Track List

1.   Searching
2.   You Have Come
3.   Fire Within
4.   Flying with the Stars
5.   Reverence
6.   Waiting at your Door
7.   Baba's Lullaby

Reaching upward,
Chanting your name.
Dancing in ecstacy,
My heart aflame.
Ocean of love,
You were smiling.
Found myself
Beyond the silver Lining

2014 InnerSong