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Colours of the Mind

Colors of the Mind

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By Soja

This stunning album is perhaps the most subtle of all the Soja Kiirtan CDs — written and recorded over the past two years, and featuring the beautiful voice of Giita Tandero from Norway on lead vocals with incredible instrumentals and back-up vocals by Liilamaya and Jagat Bandhu, and others.

The six kiirtans on the album truly reflect the meaning of sacred music, inspiring the listener to move into an ever deeper meditative space.


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Inner Asset

A truly righteous person should be ever ready to respond to the clarion call of the Great, to its irresistible attraction. The Dolyátra of Shrii Krśńa [the Colour Festival] which Mahaprabhu introduced to Bengal about five hundred fifty years ago, has two aspects – the social and the spiritual.(1) Mahaprabhu brought this festival from Vrindavana, but he invested it with spiritual significance, and named it the Dolyátra of Shrii Krśńa.

When human beings rush towards the Supreme, they may sometimes think, “I am a sinner. I have committed so many sins that I am immersed in sin.” The particular mental colours of the sinners’ minds are the combination of so many thoughts of sin, which may leave a profound mental impression. As a result, the speed of their movement will automatically be retarded. The inner significance of the Dolyátra of Shrii Krśńa is this: “By surrendering all the colours of my mind to You, I want to become colourless.” This surrender to the Supreme Consciousness propels human beings towards Him. So this colour festival is not merely an outward play; it is purely a psycho-spiritual phenomenon. This very psycho-spiritual phenomenon is operating behind the process of varńárghyadána [offering of colours]:(2) “O Lord, make me colourless so that I may move towards You without any hesitation.”

The more human beings are established in Neohumanism, the more they will be absorbed in the colours of their inner minds instead of the colours of the external world. It is not that they will avoid the social festivities of the colour festival of Dolyátra, but the social side should not be taken as everything. Rather, by offering all their psychic colours to the Supreme Consciousness, they will become more concerned with their mental colours than with the external ones.

This intensely close proximity to the Supreme is the real Vrindavana, the Vrindavana of the mental world – the state of absolute mental purity. It is natural for human beings to become soiled with dust in the course of their journey in the physical world. But this is not to continue forever. They should make their minds completely unblemished by offering all their mental colours to the Supreme. Forgetting the external aspect of the play of colours, they should accept the internal colour-play as the ultimate in human life – and thus establish themselves in the true Vrindavana, the Supreme Desideratum of human life.

Shrii Shrii A'nandamu'rti
The Liberation of Intellect: Neohumanism


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