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Devotion in the Desert

Devotion in the Desert

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by Dada Mukteshananda & Didi Ananda Jayatii

This album was originally released on cassette tape in 1994 and on CD in 2002. It has been digitally remastered for this download release. The download includes the artwork for the CD release, including guitar chords. Five of the 11 tracks are original melodies by Dada Mukteshananda.

"This recording is dedicated to Baba with our deepest love. May this musical offering help to open the way to that hidden flow of Love which connects us all."

Price: US$ 10.00

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Bhakti Rupa Setu

"The Supreme Consciousness Himself will teach knowledge and the technique of doing the work. It is not the devotees’ headache. Surrender everything to the Lord. If one requires something from God, one must ask only for absolute devotion. When devotion is attained, God is attained. If God is attained, everything is attained. What remains unattained?

Therefore, from ancient times learned people have been accepting that the wisest person in the world is the devotee. The devotee is not bereft of intellect. On the contrary, s/he is the wisest. If you want to remain in the world, remain like a devotee. As long as devotion is absent, one’s heart is like a desert; and when devotion is attained, an oasis appears in the desert."

Shrii Shrii A'nandamu'rti
The Thoughts of P. R. Sarkar


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