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The Kiirtan Guitar Method
How to learn the guitar by playing Kiirtan

The Kiirtan Guitar Method

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By Ac. Acalananda Avt.

This download contains a book in PDF format and thirty audio files. The book is designed to bring a person from the level of beginner up to being able to play any piece in the normal range of popular Western Kiirtan styles. The audio files have been provided to help you learn the different tunes. Used in conjunction with the book, they will also help you to learn how to read music. The pieces themselves can be used as a set of exercises to learn how to play melodies on the guitar.

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Kiirtan is a musical spiritual practice. An ancient form, it was popularised by Caetanya Mahaprabuhu, the mediaeval Indian saint. It is used both as a personal communication with the Supreme and as an uplifting collective activity. Still today, Kiirtan can open the door to musical and spiritual pleasures for you and your companions.

The unique quality of Kiirtan is that unlike other forms of music, which are played in order to satisfy the aesthetic sense of the artist, Kiirtan's first goal is to be pleasing to the Supreme Entity. Keeping this in mind while singing is what gives Kiirtan its special "supra-aesthetic" qualities. Kiirtan then becomes a vehicle to carry our thoughts and feelins higher.

Ac. Acalananda Avt.

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