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Life is simple

Life is simple

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By Anil

Anil has composed beautiful Kiirtan melodies which he sings on this album, produced by Shubhamaya with a help of superb musicians and first rate audio production.


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Serve the Supreme by Kiirtana

"...intelligent people should do kiirtan as much as possible. When people, due to psychic complexities, cannot find the solution to their difficulties and they are at a loss what to do, if they sit together at any place and do kiirtan wholeheartedly for a while, their psychic complexities will be removed and they will easily seize upon the solution to their problems.

Thus if you have even only minute’s time, do kiirtan for one minute. If even two or three people gather together, they can do kiirtan collectively; if one thousand people assemble together, then also they can do kiirtan. When you do kiirtan and move towards Parama Puruśa, the Supreme Father, then in Parama Puruśa’s mind also there will be a flow of bliss, because so many minds are coming towards Him with love. He will feel very happy...."

P.R. Sarkar

Ánanda Vacanámrtam Part 22

2014 InnerSong