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Rarhi Bangla Kiirtan -- Live!

Rarhi Bangla Kiirtan

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by Purulia Mahato Team and Jyosna

Purulia is located in the ancient Rarh area near Ananda Nagar in West Bengal, India. Jyosna with the assistance of Sanjay Mahato has been studying the kiirtan styles in this region. She taught the local Mahato Kiirtan Team to use the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra with their ancient ragas.



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"In addition, kiirtana removes the collective psychic afflictions as well - those which are already existing, and those which have not yeat arrived but of which we have premonitions of their impending arrival. If kiirtana is done in advance, those inpending troubles disappear."

Shrii Shrii A'nandamu'rti
A’nanda Vacana’mrtam Part 22 Kiirtana Mahima- 2 (Kiirtana Dispells Calamites)

Finger Cymbals

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