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Rhythm of the Cosmic Wave

Rhythm of the Cosmic Wave

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by Jayashrii

With her second album, Jayashrii bring us nine of her original and beautiful kiirtan tunes. Recorded and produced in the Netherlands in 2009.


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"Human life is a small bubble in the ocean of consciousness. One who rejects the waves of this ocean, can never be successful. However big an ego one has, one day that ego will be shattered, as big rocks are churned to dust. If one wants to move on the path of the Supreme, one will have to dive into the ocean of the Supreme Consciousness. During this movement one will enjoy the sweet beauty of the Divine Play. Those who move towards the Supreme, their vital energy and their mind will flow in the same rhythm as the Cosmic Wave. It is not surprising that they will dance, they will laugh, they will weep – people will say that they are mad."

P.R. Sarkar
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