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by Kamala with Peter Sprague
A follow-up to Kamala's popular Heart of the Mystic- this is her best kiirtan CD yet. Rich textured instrumentals compliment beautiful vocals by Kamala and Peter Sprague.


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US$ 10.00

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"If you have even only one minute’s time, do kiirtana for one minute. If even two or three people gather together, they can do kiirtana collectively. When you do kiirtana and move towards Parama Purus’a,.. then in Parama Purus’a’s mind also there will be a flow of bliss, because so many minds are coming toward Him with love."

Shrii Shrii A'nandamu'rti
A’nanda Vacana’mrtam Part 22
Kiirtana Mahima’ – 3
( Serve the Supreme by Kiirtana)

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