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Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan

Choose from the world's largest collection of Baba Nam Kevalam Kiirtan CDs and recordings. Baba Nam Kevalam is a sanskrit mantra meaning "Love is All There Is". Read about the history of this mantra.

All My Energy All My Energy
by Dada Moks'eshvarananda, Anjali & Friends

It took many years of trials and tribulations to produce this beautiful CD, but the results were well worth it. This album is dedicated by Dada Moks'eshvarananda to a VSS Project in Haiti under AMURT. All profits will go to that cause.
Amrtadhara Amrtadhara

This album recorded at the Trishul studio in Mumbai has that modern Indian sound with slower but accented rhythms that first make you tap your feet, then sing along and then irresistibly dance and enjoy.

Ananda Dhara Ananda Dhara
by HPMG Central

Twelve Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan chants in the Indian style arranged by Nishad Vidya and performed by Dada Satyadeva'nanda, Nishad Vaidya, Sujeet Parida & chorus.

Ananda Kiirtan 3 Ananda Kiirtan 3
by HPMG Suva Sector

This CD contains upbeat live kiirtans recorded at Ananda Marga gatherings in Australia in 1987 and 1988.

Ananda Purnima Ananda Purinma
by The Bhaktas

This double album is offered as a garland to our Guru "Shrii Shrii Anandamurti" on His birthday May 21st, known as 'Ananda Purnima' in the Indian (FullMoon) calendar, at the special price of $5.00.
Avarta Kiirtan Avarta Kiirtan
by Sunrise Eireanne and Jyosna Latrobe

Jyosna Latrobe is the music producer on this album of kiirtans full of love and loss.
Awakening Awakening
by Kamala with Peter Sprague

A follow-up to her popular Heart of the Mystic- this is her best kiirtan CD yet. Rich textured instrumentals compliment beautiful vocals by Kamala and Peter Sprague.
Baba Nam Kevalam Baba Nam Kevalam
by Shantavaani

Something magical happened in 2009 when four seasoned musicians came together for the first time and they realized there was no walking away from this creative opportunity. Recently, they were introduced to the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra and were inspired to make this album.
Baba's Mystical Tour Baba's Mystical Tour
by The Bliss Bus Band

Baba's Mystical Tour is a CD based on a bus journey undertaken in the summer of 2004 to commemorate Baba's historical visit to Europe in 1979. Live kiirtan at 100 miles per hour!
Badamlyankhai Badamlyankhai
by RAWA Ulan Baatar

Didi Ananda Gunamtra and children from the Lotus Children's Home sing Kiirtans, accompanied by traditional Mongolian instruments.

Beyond the Silver Lining Beyond the Silver Lining
by The Bhaktas

This CD was recorded during the 2003 RAWA Conference in Oslo, Norway and contains seven delightful Kiirtan tunes.

Bliss Bliss
by Kamalkrishna

This delightful album from India begins with a musical arangement of Chapter One of the Ananda Sutram, followed by six kiirtan tunes.
Celestial Dance Celestial Dance
by RAWA Maharlika

A beautiful selection of the best kiirtans from Kiirtan Breeze and Celestial Kiirtans 1 and 2.
Celestial Kiirtan Celestial Kiirtan
by RAWA Maharlika

A very beautiful collection of Kiirtans from the Philippines.
Chandra Giita Chandra Giita
by Mamata Kalpa

Kiirtans from a variety of traditions sung with beautiful harmonies by Mamata and Kim Summers. Great instrumental back up.
The Clarion Call

Clarion Call
by Soja

Soja's latest album of Kiirtans. Many fans say this is their best album to date.

Colours of the Mind

Colours of the Mind
by Soja

The six kiirtans on the album truly reflect the meaning of sacred music, inspiring the listener to move into an ever deeper meditative space. The album features Giita Tandero from Norway on lead vocals.

Coming Home

Coming Home
by Didi Ambuja

This enchanting collection of six kiirtans and one Prabhat Samgiit was recorded in the early 1990's by Didi Ambuja at the original InnerSong studio in San Diego. This recording is now available as a download.

Dance in Ecstasy Dance in Ecstasy
by Jaya

This is a wonderful collection of kiirtans sung in Jaya's distinctive style.

Dancing in the Moonlight

Dancing in the Moonlight
by Dada Devavratananda & HPMG Berlin Sector 

This album includes nine kiirtans and three Prabhat Samgita. It comes with an illustrated booklet. The songs, story and illustrations will bring delight and joy to the devotee.

Devotion in the Desert

Devotion in the Desert
by Dada Mukteshananda & Didi Ananda Jayatii  

This album was originally released on cassette tape in 1994 and on CD in 2002. Five of the 11 tracks are original melodies by Dada Mukteshananda.

Devotional Flow Devotional Flow
by Dada Dharmapranananda
Six kiirtan songs by Dada Dharmapranananda with music director, Manish.
Divine Chants 1 Divine Chants 1
by Rainjan
This album of Kiirtan tunes with lush harmonies was produced by Rainjan at RAWA, Denver.
Divine Chants 2 Divine Chants 2
by Rainjan
Rainjan is joined by Sara Giita, Didi Ananda Jiivaprema, Dada Dharmapremananda and Maetreya on this album recorded at the Spiritual Arts Studio, RAWA, Denver.
Divine Dreaming Divine Dreaming
by Tarani and Manorainjain
One of the all-time favorites from the Song Divine Series, this album is now available in CD form. Tarani’s celestial voice weaves a mystical thread of subtle kiirtan from tune to tune.
Divine Flame Divine Flame
by HPMG India

Beautiful vocals and instrumentals are the foundation of this album from Ananda Nagar.
Divyamshu's Kiirtan Divyamshu's Kiirtan
by Divyamshu

This album contains twelve simple, quiet and beautiful kiirtans and one devotional song. It was originally issued as a cassette and is reissued as a download.
Era Dynamic Era Dynamic
by Jyosna

Kiirtans with a great sense of rhythm bringing together the historical music tradition of Rarh and Jyosna’s exceptional musical skills.
Espoir Espoir

Call and response Kiirtans with African voices and percussion
Eternal waves Eternal Waves
by Sukadeva

Beautifully crafted, this kiirtian CD from master kiirtan player Sukadheva (Flow of Love, Grace) has haunting melodies with rich arrangements.
Flight of Love Flight of Love
by Sukha Deva & Dada Nabhaniilananda

This recording is the first full collaboration of the two artists, who have been friends for many years.

Flow of Love Flow of Love
by Sukadeva

Overlaid with beautiful vocals in a series of mantra chants, this album is ideal for creating an atmosphere for meditation.

Flowing with Grace Flowing with Grace
by Sphuliunga

Sphuliunga (Dennis Teves) personally learned to lead Kiirtan in Ranchi, India from his guru, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, in 1971.

Forever Yours Forever Yours
by Sphuliunga

Danceable Kiirtan tunes, including an Averta Kiirtan medley.
From Deep Down From Deep Down
by Jyosna

This 1989 album was produced by members of the New Zealand branch of RAWA.
From Deep Down 2 From Deep Down 2
by Jyosna

The long-awaited release of this much-loved kiirtan album.. Beautiful Indian instrumentation with Jyosna’s soaring vocals.
fusion fusion
by  Vinaya

This is an album of simple and sweet kiirtan tunes, sung by Vinaya with arrangements and production by Miguel Gabbanelli.
Grace Grace

One of our most popular CDs, this album is filled with beautiful kiirtans that soar with harmonies, instrumentals and uplifting energy. Recorded by the trainees of the Wholetime center in Sweden. 
Heart of the Mystic Heart of The Mystic
by Kamala with Tina Tourin

This album features beautiful voices backed up by harps and cello. Truly angelic and deeply spiritual. 

Heart of the Universe Heart of the Universe
by Krishna & Friends

Recorded in India and relesed on CD in 2004, these beautiful Kiirtans are back again for sale as a CD or download.
Hikari Hikari
by Maetreyii

A beautiful first album by Maetreyii, these kiirtans are filled with cascading harmonies, mystical tunes and lovely instrumentals provided by Lokesh.
Il Fiume D'Amore Il Fiume D'Amore
by Dada Devavratananda & HPMG Italia

This album contains nine kiirtans that are mellow, profound and joyful. The album was recorded and produced in Italy.

In The Light In The Light
by Sojha and Friends

Collaborating with musicians Manou and Kalpana Devi from ReBelle, Sojha's new kiirtan album explores new musical territory.

Internal Divinity Internal Divinity
by Dhyana Music

A delightful album of four kiirtan tracks and four instrumental tracks.

Journey Within Journey Within

A brilliant weaving of Indian voices and instrumentals with western Kiirtan tunes. The vocals and instrumentals are of exceptional quality.

Kiirtan Breeze Vol. II Beyond Kiirtan Breeze Vol. II Beyond
by Dada Udvelananda, Kumuda, Mahaviira, Vinayendra, Trinetra, Vandana and Madhurii

This album will blow through you and leave you smiling. You may end up singing and dancing.
Kiirtan Collection

Kiirtan Collection
by The Bhaktas.

This is an amazing compilation of Baba Nam Kevelam Kiirtans from the last five studio production albums by The Bhaktas.

Kiirtan en Brasil

Kiirtan en Brasil, vol. 6
by Rainjan.

These live Kiirtan recordings were made at Invierno Bienaventurado (Winter Bliss) 2014.

The Kiirtan Encyclopedia Kiirtan Encyclopedia. The
by Avinash

The 208 Kiirtans of this encyclopedia were  produced to help kiirtan players increase their repertoires.
Kiirtan Fusion Kiirtan Fusion
by Didi A'nanda Arpan'a' & Kamal

These kiirtans were recorded simply and are very beautiful and full of intense devotion.
Kirtan Gandharva

Kirtan Gandharva
By Hariparimandal Gosthi Central

Seven classic Indian style Kiirtans by HPMG Central.

The Kiirtan Guitar Method Kiirtan Guitar Method, The
by Ac. Acalananda Avt.

This download contains a book and audio files. The book will bring a person from the level of beginner to being able to play any piece in the normal range of popular Western Kiirtan styles. The files have been provided to help you learn the different tunes.
Kiirtan Hitavrata

Kiirtan Hitavrata
By Hariparimandal Gosthi

Beautiful Kiirtans in the Indian style.

Kiirtan Jharna

Kiirtan Jharna
By Hariparimandal Gosthi

Call and Response Kiirtans in the Indian style.

Kiirtan Konnected, Volume 1

Kiirtan Konnected, Volume I
By Didi Ananda Krsna Caetanya and Friends

The seven deeply engaging kiirtan tracks on this album make it a favorite. Originally issued on cassette in 1994, the album is now available as a download.

Kiirtan Konnected, Vol 2 Kiirtan Konnected, Volume 2
by Didi Ananda Krsna Caetanya and Friends
This album was previously released on cassette tape in 1994. It contains a dellightful mixture of devotional songs and kiirtans.
Kiirtan Madhurima

Kiirtan Madhurima
By HPMG Kolkata

Kiirtans in the Indian style based on melodies from Prabhat Samgiita.

Kiirtan Mainjarii

Kiirtan Mainjarii
By Hariparimandal Gosthi

Beautiful Kiirtans in the Indian style.

Kiirtan Manika

Kiirtan Manika
By Hariparimandal Gosthi

Beautiful Kiirtans in the Indian style.

Kiirtan Manimala

Kiirtan Manimala
By Hariparimandal Gosthi

Beautiful Kiirtans in the Indian style.

Kiirtan Nirjhar

Kiirtan Nirjhar
By Hariparimandal Gosthi

Beautiful Kiirtans in the Indian style.

Kiirtan Pranipata

Kiirtan Pranipata
by HPMG Kolkata

Kiirtans in the Indian style from Rennaissance Studios in Kolkata.

Kiirtan Prerana

Kiirtan Prerana
by Priyashivananda, Tripti Biswas, Paresh Biswas & Chorus

Kiirtans from Calcutta in the call and response style. This is a new digital recording. .

Kiirtana Sudha

Kiirtana Sudha
by Priyashivananda & Chorus

Kiirtans from Calcutta in the call and response style. This download was originally issued in 1996 as a cassette tape.

Kiirtan Sura-Sancarii

Kiirtan Sura-Sancarii
by HPMG Kolkata

Kiirtans in the Indian style from Rennaissance Studios in Kolkata.

Kiirtan Surabhi

Kiirtan Surabhi
By Hariparimandal Gosthi

Beautiful Kiirtans in the Indian style.

Kiirtan Susama

Kiirtan Susama
By Hariparimandal Gosthi

Indian style call and response Kiirtans.

Kiirtans of Enlightenment

Kiirtans of Enlightenment
by Jayashrii

An uplifting collection of kiirtans sung in a simple but rich style by Jayashrii from Holland. Minimal instrumentals with lovely and pure vocals.


By Dada Visnudevananda and the Kalikata Kiirtan Collective

Dada Visnudevanda joins Didi Ananda Mamata Kalpa, Naviin Das, Devashis and Istadevananda on this 1995 cassette tape release, now available as a download.

The Kundalinii Express

Kundalinii Express, The
by Soja

This may be their best kiirtan CD yet- a really lovely collection of vibrant tunes wrapped in a smooth and flowing rhythm. We haven’t stopped listening to this CD since it arrived.

La Flute du Mayombe La Flute du Mayombe
by RAWA Pointe-Noire Congo

This album of 12 kiirtans was recorded and produced in Africa. We loved the singing, percussion, musical arrangements and the enthusastic spirituality on this album.

Let us Move Together Kiirtan Let Us Move Together Kiirtan
by HPMG & HPMGL Canada

This is a very subtle and very smooth kiirtan album. The tunes flow into one another and hold you in a calm and stillness that begins with the first kiirtan. 

Life is simple Life is simple
By Anil

Anil has composed beautiful Kiirtan melodies which he sings on this album, produced by Shubhamaya with a help of superb musicians and first rate audio production.

Light is Beautiful Light is Beautiful
by Dada Madhuvidyananda

These kiirtans from Croatia were released on cassette in the early days of Innersong and have been digitally remastered. The download includes eight beautiful tunes.

Live at the dome Live at the Dome
by Jyosna and Friends

A re-release of a cassette album, recorded in Warren, Vermont in 1993. Jyosna is a singer-songwriter from New Zealand. The friends are Vermont musicians.

Mantra Music Mantra Music
by Vasudeva, family and friends

A collection of styles that weaves an incredible tapestry of rhythm and harmony. This is a fun album to listen to and can become a bit addictive.

My favourite Kiirtans My Favourite Kiirtans
by Dada Nabhaniilananda

This product consists of a book and CD. The book contains printed music for 34 kiirtan tunes complete with guitar chords. On the CD each tune is played 3 times with voice and guitar.

Mystical Garden Mystical Garden
by Ganga, Anjali Angela Silva and Jeanne Muller

A kiirtan cassette favorite now available as CD, featuring the vocals of Ganga and Anjali.

Namah Namah
by Kamalkrishna

This album has an introductory chant, six kiirtans and an instrumental, thirty-two minutes of delightful music.

New Year's Bliss 2008 New Year's Bliss 2008
by Sweden Training Centre

The music in this album was recorded during the New Year's festival at the Sweden W.T. Training Centre. In the snow covered forest five days of continuous kiirtan culminated to welcome the year 2008.

Ofrendas de Amor

Ofrendas de Amor
by HPMG (L) GT Sector

Didis, Dadas and Margis join in a collection of eight kiirtans recorded in Caracas in 2010.  

On Divine Laps

On Divine Laps
by Istadeva

This album is a delightful blending of country music, Indian and African percussions, jazz guitar and harmonic vocals.

Only Love

Only Love
by Didi Ananda Advaeta

Didi Ananda Advaeta performs seven original kiirtan tunes of her composision in this Brazilian recording, joined by some of our favorite InnerSong musicians..

Oriental Bliss

Oriental Bliss
by Kiirtan Gosti

Live Kiirtan recorded during the Hong Kong Sectorial Conference in Ananda Suruci, Taiwan in May 2009.  


Over Joy
by Dada Jiitendrananda

A collection of joyous kiirtan tunes with a Celtic flavor and accompanied by the sounds of nature.  

Peace in the Groove Peace in the Groove
by Didi Ananda Ragamaya

Didi's first CD contains nine original kiirtan tunes and was recorded and produced in Kingston, Jamaica. Proceeds from this CD support women-run social service projects in Jamaica and around the world.

Por Siemre Kiirtans Por Siempre Kiirtans
by Dada Rajatakrsna

Newly remastered as a download, this first Kiirtan album in the series was issued on cassette tape in 1995.

Por Siemre Kiirtans Volume II Por Siempre Kiirtans Volume II
by Dada Rajatakrsna

Latin-flavored kiirtans with Anjali's stunning harmonies, each one a perfect example of Dada's skill as a musician and song writer.

Por Siemre Kiirtans Volume 3 Por Siempre Kiirtans Volume 3
by Rainjan

Another great Kiirtan album in the series. Backing vocals by Sara Giita, Sol Borsini from Buenos Aires and Maetreya from Brasil.

Quiescent Waves

Quiescent Waves

This album was previously issued in on cassette tape and has been remastered as a download. It contains a mixture of beautiful and inspiring Bhajan's and Kiirtans.

Rarhi Bengla Kiirtan -- Live! Rarhi Bangla Kiirtan -- Live!
by Purulia Mahato Team and Jyoshna

Jyoshna with the assistance of Sanjay Mahator has been studying the kiirtan styles in the ancient Rarh area near Ananda Nagar. She taught the local Mahato Kiirtan Team to use the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra with their ancient ragas.
Rarhi Kiirtan Dream Rarhi Kiirtan Dream
by Jyoshna.

This album has five kiirtans, three tradional Rarhi ragas and two composed by Jyoshna. The album includes field recordings made in Dabar village, India.
Red Earth Fusion Red Earth Fusion
by Jyohsna.

This album of traditional and contemporary Rarhi inspired kiirtans was performed 'live' at Sudhira's Studio Gallery at Ananda Kanaan, Summer 2006.
Ressonancia Ressonancia
by Shubhamaya and Maetreyii
A collection of familiar Kiirtan tunes with a Brazilian flavor, supurb musicianship and excellent sound.
Rhythm of the Cosmic Wave Rhythm of the Cosmic Wave
by Jayashrii
With her second album, Jayashrii bring us nine of her original and beautiful kiirtan tunes.
Samarpan' Samarpan'
by Dada Shubhacintananda, Dada Saryadevananda, and HPMG

This digitally recorded album from Ananda Nagar has eight Kiirtans in the Indian call and response style.
Saungiitainjali Saungiitainjali

From the first track, these kiirtans are captivating in their sound. Proceeds from this album support the training of monks and nuns at the International School of Social Service in Sweden.
Sólo Kiirtan Sólo Kiirtan
By Rainjan

Raijain's latest album features six kiirtan tunes recorded in Denver and in Buenos Aires.

Song Divine Song Divine
by Tarani & Manorainjan

This smoothing, deeply spiritual collection features Taranii's clear, etheric voice and gentle acoustic instrumentation. This album was recorded in 1988 and originally issued as a cassette.
Song Divine II Song Divine II
by Tarani & Manorainjan

This album was recorded in 1991 at Ananda Poli, a spiritual community of Ananda Marga located in Queensland, Australia. It was originally issued as a cassette.
Sound of Silence Sound of Silence
by Jyosna

Evocative of the traditonal tunes of Rarh, this album  places kiirtan tunes and natural sounds in a sequence pulling the listener into ever deepening states of being.
Take My Hand Take My Hand
by Soja

This new Soja Kiirtan album is pure Bhakti -— melodies and vocals that will take the listener to a deep Bhava of longing for the Divine.
Tempus Eternal Tempus Eternal
by Sojha

The much anticipated new Sojha album is here and was well worth the wait. With full instrumentation and vocals from some superb musicians, the album offers beautiful Kiirtan melodies that entrance and uplift.
The Best of Sukha Deva The Best of Sukha Deva
by Sukha Deva

For this album Sukha Deva selected, remixed and remastered his favorite tunes from his three earlier albums of spiritual chanting.

Toca el Cielo Toca el Cielo
by Dada Bhuvaneshvarananda and Mamata Kalpa

A now classic kiirtan album with beautiful hamonies. Simple guitar with two voices. Still a favorite.  Originally sold as Flower Song.

Tour of Brazil

Tour of Brazil
by Jyoshna and Friends

In January and February 2010, Jyoshna La Trobe toured Brazil for the first time and recorded the seven kiirtans in this album.

UMOJA Collection

UMOJA Collection
by RAWA Maharlika

The rhythms of Africa are what moves this kiirtan album. So get up, dance and sing Baba nam Kevalam!

Umoja Volume 2

UMOJA Volume 2
By RAWA Maharlika

The rhythms of Africa are what moves this kiirtan album. So get up, dance and sing Baba nam Kevalam!

Under the Northern Lights Under the Northern Lights
by Dada Rajatakrsna

Rich vocal harmonies make this an incredible kiirtan album. Melodies by Dada Rajatakrsna, with the vocals of Lousanne Allen, Kim Summers, and Didi Ananda Jiiva Prema.
Unity Hours II Unity Hours II
by Jyosna

Unity Hours II is a double album, with 10 devotional songs and 9 kiirtans using the same melodies

The Universal Chant

The Universal Chant

This was the first Innersong Sampler, originally issued on Cassette Tape. It is now available for downloading in MP3 or CD quality formats.

Universal Chant Volume II Universal Chant Volume II

This was the second Innersong Sampler, originally issued on Cassette Tape. It is now available for downloading in MP3 or CD quality formats.
Universal Chant 3 Universal Chant 3

This CD contains 11 tracks of some of the most popular kiirtans from various albums published in recent years. A great InnerSong sampler.
Unseen World Unseen World
by Kamala and Friends

A vibrant collection of kiirtans from Down Under- great to sing and dance along with.
The Upward Spiral Upward Spiral, The

These kiirtans feature beautiful voices, lush harmonies, and dynamic rhythms, all recorded with dense yet clear sound. Guaranteed to make you sing and dance with joy! 
Vibration Vibration
by HPMG India

Each track takes the listener on an internal journey accompanied by rhythmic instrumentals and dada’s haunting vocals.

Weyecho - "We are Happy"

The RAWA brothers and sisters were happy while recording this album and you will be, too, while listening. This is Innersong's first CD album of kiirtans from Africa.

Winter Bliss

Winter Bliss
recorded and mixed by Rajatakrsna (Rainjan)

This recording of live kiirtans was made at Ananda Kanan and originally issued by Innersong on cassette tape.


by Kamalkrishna and Friends

This album has six kiirtans and three instrumentals.

You're Always Here

You're Always Here
by Didi Ananda Ragamaya

Didi recorded this collection of 15 lovely kiirtan tunes some years ago in San Jose, California and Warren, Vermont.


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Lord's Residence

"Then where does Na'ra'yan'a (The Lord) finally reside? According to Him, Madbhakta'h yatra ga'yante tatra tis't'ha'mi Na'rada: Where my devotees sing kiirtana, there I reside. This means that Parama Purus'a (Supreme Consciousness) as the nucleus of creation reaches the place where the devotees are singing kiirtana. Although Parama Purus'a is all-pervading, He shifts the nucleus to that particular place. This is the reason why devotees should sing bhajana (devotional songs) and kiirtana as much as possible, and the result will be that the nucleus of Purus'ottama will be shifted to the place of kiirtana, producing a very powerful devotional vibration that elevates all the human minds. This is the real cosmological order: where the devotees through their intensely devotional music attract the Nucleus of the cosmological order, as they are also moving around the Nucleus."

P.R. Sarkar,
Subha's'ita Sam'graha Part 11


Devotees doing kiirtan
Devotees doing kiirtan in Missouri

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