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Kiirtan is an ancient form of spiritual practice which brings a feeling of closeness and love for the Divine.

Proceeds from this album support the training of monks and nuns at the International School of Social Service in Sweden.

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Track List

1.   Above the Clouds (Mayadiisha)
2.   Spring Song (Ananda Mayii)
3.   Unknown Traveller (Mayadiisha)
4.   Prelude to the Divine (Lokesha)
5.   The Land of Devayoniis
(Dada Saviitananda)
6.   Awaiting: A Poem by Rabindranath Tagore (Mayadiisha)
7.   Boundless (Lokesha)
8.   Baba's Sonata in E minor (Traditional)
9.   Into Another World (Phaniindra)
10.   After the Rain (Lokesha)

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