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Other Kirtan in the Eastern Tradition

Choose from a collection of traditional Kirtan Chants in the Eastern tradition or from around the world.
Breath of RAM

Breath of RAM
by Geoffrey Gordon

This album has sublime and passionate devotional music with Sanskrit mantras surrounded by lush arrangements, great grooves, and soaring Bansuri flute.

circulo de pratica de mantras circulo de pratica de mantras
by Sam'giita and Shubhamaya

Sam'giita and Shubhamaya perform eight spirtual chants in a Brazilian atmosphere.

Matrika Matrika
by Shubhamaya

This album from Brazil contains eight spiritual chants, including one Baba Nam Kevalam Kiirtan. It has Brazilian atmosphere, beautiful singing and excellent sound quality.


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Song, Dance and Instrumental Music

"Songs are rooted in the physical world, but their impact is on the subtler layers of the human mind. The mental world is the ectoplasmic world, the world composed of ectoplasmic stuff (citta´nu). Songs produce a vibrational wave which makes our mental waves straight, and these straightened mental waves in turn ultimately touch the point of the soul. Now to touch the embodied soul, the songs must have rhythm, melody and feeling (bha´va). If there is no feeling, the song will lack sweetness. Therefore, songs must have deep ideas."

P.R. Sarkar

2014 InnerSong