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Yoga Nidra – Deep Relaxation and Meditation

Yoga Nidra

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by Dada Dharmavedananda

Yoga Nidra means "Yoga of Sleep." Guided by a beautiful compassionate voice, feel each nerve & muscle of your body relax. Cosmic music and soft breathing dissolves your stree and gradually frees you from every physical and psychic limitation. By the end of the music you will either be peacefully sleeping or deeply meditating. Or both.


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Yoga Nidra

"The propensity which creates a psychic vacuum is called nidra´ (sleep). Sleep is the intervening stage between two periods of active psychic functioning. It is a stage of vacuity in which the mind does not function. On waking up one makes the safe assumption that one’s mind did not function for a certain period – that one slept. Klis´t´a nidra´ (“painful” sleep) is an impediment to sa´dhana´. But dreamy sleep and deep sleep in which one is aware of one’s sa´dhana´ is certainly not detrimental to spiritual progress. This sleep can be called aklis´t´a nidra´ or non-painful sleep. Sometimes during sa´dhana´ one falls into a relaxed “half-sleep”. This is called yoga nidra´. Most sa´dhakas experience yoga nidra´ in the early stages of sa´dhana´. It is also aklis´t´a because one does not become totally oblivious of oneself."

Shrii Shrii A'nandamu'rti
A’nanda Marga Ideology and Way of Life in a Nutshell Part 9


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