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A Journey into Deep Relaxation

A Journey into Deep Relaxation

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by Didi Cirasmita (Joni Zweig) & Jagat Bandhu (Alex Dickie)

Beautiful music specially composed by Soja to harmonize with the calming vocals of Didi Cirasmita', this CD gives you an opportunity to take a step away from the pressures in your life and restore balance and ease to your body, mind and spirit. The last part of the CD is a guided meditation that brings the listener to a place of deep calm and peace.

Ideal for those experiencing anxiety and stress.


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US$ 10.00

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Message from
Didi Cirasmita

I have been teaching deep relaxation techniques and meditation for the past 30 years, and for many of those years students have been asking for a relaxation CD they can use outside of class. Journey into Deep Relaxation is the answer to those requests.

This CD reflects my years of working with people to help them to develop that optimum point of calm in their lives. It is meant as a tool to be used at any time during the day, but especially before sleep.


2014 InnerSong