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Remember Love

Remember Love

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by Liilamaya, Lokesha and Sananda

Dive yourself deeply into relaxation and enjoy the beautiful soothing mantra songs of Remember Love. With gentle guidance you will be taken on a cleansing voyage where you can find peace in your soul. This album wa recorded in Stockkholm, Sweeden in 2004. Proceeds from sales go to develop Yoga House and future volunteer establishments all over the world.


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He Is Everywhere

The shástras [scriptures] say:

Sarvatah páńipádantat sarvato’kśishiromukham;
Sarvatah shrutimalloke sarvamávrtya tiśt́hati.

[His hands and feet are everywhere; His eyes, heads and faces are everywhere; His ears are everywhere; He exists enveloping everything.]

The palms – páńi – of the Lord are everywhere – sarvatah. Whatever is offered to Him, good or bad, He receives. And whenever and wherever it is offered to Him, He receives it.

Scriptures say that the ordinary human beings of the world use their power of discrimination before they decide upon what to receive and what not to receive when offered. They accept only that which they like and reject that which they do not like. Elevated beings – uttama puruśa – on the other hand, do not accept anything from anyone. But Parama Puruśa is entirely different from these two groups. He makes no discrimination whatever and accepts all that is offered to Him by any of His children.

Shrii Shrii A'nandamu'rti

2014 InnerSong