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Unwind and relax with meditative New Age music, featuring guitar, harps, angelic choirs and the sounds of nature.

Echoes of Angels Echoes of Angels  
by Tina Tourin

Peaceful, comforting, and uplifting music featuring Angelic voices hovering in a heavenly fashion above the pure tones of the harp.

Emerald Harp Emerald Harp
by Tina Tourin

From the mists of Avondale to the sacred waters of Glastonbury's Chalice Well, the Emerald Harp carries you to the glens of Ireland and Britain.

Harp Seal Lullabuy Harp Seal Lullaby
by Tina Tourin

When Christina learned that the little harp seal pup was being hunted for it's pure white pelt, her heart and energies went out for their protection. The crystal harp produces similar bell-like sounds that are often heard in the underwater calls of the Seals.

Heart of the Mystic Heart of The Mystic
by Kamala with Tina Tourin

This album features beautiful chanting voices backed up by harps and cello. Truly angelic and deeply spiritual. 

Illuminations Illuminations 
by Tina Tourin

This album features 20 original compositions by Christina.

Inner Garden

Inner Garden
with Didi Ananda Ragamaya

These simple guided relaxation and meditation techniques will take you to a place of inner calm and peace. Did's soothing voice and Yekengale's wonderful music allow a deep sense of healing to pervade your life.

Iona Inspirations Iona Inspirations
by Tina Tourin

Christina’s compositions, inspired by the beauty and mystical traditions of the island of Iona, bring a sense of healing and wonder to the listener.

A Journey into Deep Relaxation Journey into Deep Relaxation, A
by Didi Cirasmita & Jagat Bandhu

Beautiful music specially composed by Soja to harmonize with the calming vocals of Didi Cirasmita', this CD gives you an opportunity to take a step away from the pressures in your life and restore balance and ease to your body, mind and spirit.

On wings of a Dove On Wings of a Dove
by Christine Grace Magnussen

The soothing pure solo harp music of the "On Wings of a Dove" harp CD offers comfort for grief or illness, and relief from stress or pain.

Prayer for the Living Trees Prayer for the Living Trees 
by Tina Tourin

If tree's could talk, what would they say? Christina weaves the magical properties of trees into music.

Remember Love Remember Love
by Liilamaya, Lokesha and Sananda

Dive yourself deeply into relaxation and enjoy the beautiful soothing mantra songs of Remember Love. With gentle guidance you will be taken on a cleansing voyage where you can find peace in your soul.

Silent Traveler Silent Traveler
By Sukhadeva

Music for relaxation, meditation,massage,and quiet listening by Norweigan composer and guitarist Nils Einer Vinor (Sukhadeva),

Starlight Starlight
by Tina Tourin

SOUNDING STRINGS Harp magazine of Scotland describes Christina as "that delightful rarity, a composer of contemporary melodies that are singable! Her style lies between easy listening and jazz.

White Rose White Rose
by Tina Tourin

The Red Rose represents our soul and the White Rose is a symbol of pure love. This recording has been acclaimed as truly inspirational. The Folk Harp Journal describes Christina's compositions as "innovative, melodic and magical.

Yoga Nidra Yoga Nidra
by Dada Dharmavedananda

Guided by a beautiful compassionate voice, feel each nerve & muscle of your body relax. By the end of the music you will either be peacefully sleeping or deeply meditating.


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The Art of Relaxation

"To give an example, again taken from electricity, yoga practitioners can voluntarily put themselves in the position of a telephone or radio operator who wants rest, and so switches off all the contacts of his or her sets; impulses still reach the sets, but are no longer perceived arid, therefore, do not disturb the operator. Lying thus in a state of perfect and conscious peace, yoga practitioners can, through respiration, connect themselves with pranic energy. Now they are like batteries put into contact with a source of electrical energy, whereas a common person is like a battery working continuously, unable to recharge itself ."

by Avadhutika Ananda Mitra Acarya

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