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Prayer for the Living Trees

Prayer for the Living Trees

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by Tina Tourin

If tree's could talk, what would they say? Christina weaves the magical properties of trees into music. A beautiful piece by Bach sings the praises of the Maple tree while a Russian folk tune creates the glory of the birch tree.


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The Art of Relaxation

"To give an example, again taken from electricity, yoga practitioners can voluntarily put themselves in the position of a telephone or radio operator who wants rest, and so switches off all the contacts of his or her sets; impulses still reach the sets, but are no longer perceived arid, therefore, do not disturb the operator. Lying thus in a state of perfect and conscious peace, yoga practitioners can, through respiration, connect themselves with pranic energy. Now they are like batteries put into contact with a source of electrical energy, whereas a common person is like a battery working continuously, unable to recharge itself ."

by Avadhutika Ananda Mitra Acarya

2014 InnerSong