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Songs in Spanish
Brisa de Existencia Brisa de Existencia
by Rajatakrsna

Canciones Devocionales Canciones Devocionales
by Didi Ananda Jiiva Prema

A collection of favorite bhajans sung in Spanish with 2 beautiful kiirtans. Didiís powerful vocals make this an exceptional album.
Momentos de Vida Momentos de Vida
by Rajatakrsna

A tapestry of songs written by Argentinean artist, Rajatakrsna during his experience with the indigenous people of Mexico and Central America. Exquisite poetry and alluring arrangements, with a distinct South American soul - Anjali soars with Raja in unison vocals; and weaves enchanting harmonies.
Vestido de Luna Vestido de Luna
by RAWA Norteamerica

A collection of nine devotional songs (bhajans) sung in Spanish plus two kiirtans. Recorded in 1990 and recently remastered for CD.


On Gandharvas

"Gandharva microvita are the collective name of those microvita which arouse love for the fine arts in the human mind. They inspire people to cultivate the fine arts. They intoxicate the human mind and keep it absorbed in the rhythm and ideation of music and dance so that the thought of the external world gets suspended in the world of subtle ideation. The fine arts are known as "gandharva vidya'". When the human mind is exclusively preoccupied with ideating on music and dance, it means that the mind stuff has been totally captivated by these gandharvas. They connect the material world with the world of subtle ideation. This category of microvita functioning within the human mind are mostly of a friendly nature. They convey messages of the subtle world to human ears in this physical world, and by removing the darkness of crude ignorance, illuminate the human mind with a flood of divine effulgence".

Shrii Shrii A'nandamu'rti,
from Microvitum in a Nutshell

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