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Conversations with DADA CHANDRANATH: The Path of Bliss

Conversations with Dada Chandranath

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By Devashish

Conversations with Dada Chandranath is a must see for Margis around the world. In the Path of Bliss, Dada shares his wisdom and experience that comes from years of spiritual practice. Topics include: Sadhana, Miracles of Guru, Salvation and the early years of Ananda Marga. Revised from original 1997 videotape.

This revised DVD Edition has a special added feature: Meditation and Mindfulness: a previously unpublished conversation with Dada Chandranath on the basic practice of meditation and the inherent social responsibilties of spiritual aspirants.

Price: US$ 20.00

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Acharya Chandranath Kumar

Initiated in 1953, Dada Chandranath was a founding member of Ananda Marga and played a vital role in helping Baba to establish and build up the organization. He was one of the initial batch of six acharyas that Baba created early in 1955 and in 1956 become one of the first disciples initiated into Vishesh Yoga. Over the course of his lifetime he initiated many thousands of aspirants into the spiritual path and helped to guide the organization in various capacities, especially in the years after Baba's Mahayprayana. He will be remembered by those who knew him for his nobility of spirit, his generosity, his wisdom and his deep spiritual realization.

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