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Namah Shivaya Shantaya

Namah Shivaya Shantaya DVD


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by RAWA Films

Seven thousand years ago a great personality was born. His name was Sadashiva. A legend even in his own lifetime, and ultimately to be regarded as the father of human civilization, yet few know the story of how this great man became the god of all gods...

This film has at its core the renewal of a great and timeless message, still as relevant today as it was in times of old. Bringing to life the story of Shiva’s fight for justice, righteousness and peace in the fledgling society of his day, that message emerges, in essence, as that of unification: the coming together of all people as one; of all minds as one mind; and – ultimately – of all minds with the Oneness that pervades and encompasses all things for all time.

Hindi soundtrack subtitled in English, Chinese and Spanish.

US$ 20.00


Jaya Shubha Vajradhara

Victory to the benevolent wielder of the thunderbolt,
The one with a white complexioned body,
Clad in tiger skin,
Give me shelter at Your feet.

Victory to the blower of the long horn,
Remover of all afflictions,
The one in whom all intellect is sheltered,
Give me shelter at Your feet.

Victory to the First Father, the First Lord,
Lord of mantra, God of gods,
Beyond ideation, ever new,
Give me shelter at Your feet.

One who looks like a silver mountain,
Full of sweetness, difficult to attain,
Blissful, infinitely radiant,
Give me shelter at Your feet.

Victory to the eternal truth, the Supreme Stance.

Song of Shiva (PS 2526)
Words and music by Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

2014 InnerSong